My Weekly Marathon Training

marathon 1

I’m still in the build-up phase of the marathon plan, so fitting in my runs with Christmas festivities hasn’t been too difficult. I will admit that I did jib off a 3-mile run scheduled for Christmas day though as we were just too busy visiting family all day.

Wednesday 5 Christmas Eve miles! It was so windy and blustery but it really blew away my cobwebs and I felt pretty refreshed. I figured running in such windy conditions was good practice for the Blackpool Great North West Half Marathon that I decided to enter that day.

Saturday Run to and from park run, 6 miles in total. It snowed here on boxing day evening, but luckily my local park run wasn’t canceled. I ran there and back, bringing my run to 6 miles. I took it easy and finished the park run in 27.55.

marathon 2

Sunday 9 miles from Scott. My long slow run for the week. One of the things I struggle with is keeping my pace slow. Running 9 miles at 10-minute mile pace feels strange! I managed to average 9.45-minute miles but will have to slow down further as I increase mileage.

Tuesday 3 miles. It was freezing on Tuesday evening, it took quite a lot of motivation to get out of the door. I wanted to use my new head torch though and using new kit is always a good motivator. I just ran around Sefton Park, somewhere I usually avoid in the dark as the main path around the outside isn’t very well lit and there are usually hazard like tree roots and big puddles so it isn’t great in the dark but my new headtorch lit the way for me. It was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of it, especially when I start my early morning runs before work again

marathon 3

Wednesday (New Year’s Eve) 6 miles. My new running shoes were delivered on New Year’s Eve and I also had a 6 mile run planned to make sure that my mileage for the year reached 650I just like nice round numbers ok? My running shoes are Saucony Jazz 17s, an upgrade from my previous pair of Saucony Jazz 15s. I’m quite a fan of Saucony as its what I’ve got used to and I love the color combo on my new pair!

marathon 4

Thursday 3.1 miles at the New Years Day park run at Princes Park. I finished in 27.05 and started 2015 off the right way! There was a really good turnout and the weather was really mild.

Saturday 5 miles. I was back to work on Friday and we then went out for a meal with friends afterward so I had a bit of a lie in on Saturday and went for my run later in the day. Just an average paced 5 miles.

Sunday 6 miles. I did not want to do this run at all. We had a lie in, went shopping and I then procrastinated until it was gone 6 pm and I knew I had to go for a run but I just didn’t want to go at all. It was getting frosty out and I just wanted to snuggle up for the night to work tomorrow. But, I had stuck to my plan so well so far this week I decided to go and I felt better afterward. I also thought that I can’t blog that I’m skipping weekend runs already at week 3! so keeping track of my training here is definitely helping and making me accountable.

This week was a shorter mileage week than the previous 2, with no long, long run. Next week, however, sees the mileage increasing a bit more so I am grateful for the slight rest this week! Onwards and upwards.

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