5 Elliptical trainer mistakes to avoid for the perfect workout

You might have read a ton of reviews and bought the best elliptical machine out there and sure no other cardio machine matches the capabilities and efficiency of an elliptical trainer! But working out with this machine isn’t always the easiest especially for first-timers and regular mistakes can cost you and your health dearly. So to help you maximize your gains and burn the extra layer of fat we’ll cover the 5 mistakes you must avoid.

You don’t increase resistance

Be it strength training or cardio, to continue to develop your body and strength it’s important to challenge yourself constantly and for that, you need to add to the resistance. Not doing so will only result in a plateau.

Begin with a comfortable resistance level and then take it up a notch until it’s hard enough to push or pull through the stride and towards the end bring it back to a moderate level to allow your body cooling time.

Elliptical Trainer Machine 1

You slouch

Do you end up slouching while on the machine? If yes, it’s time to stop. Keeping your back straight while on an elliptical helps you engage your core muscles and even more so if you let go of the handles.

Most cardio machines such as the treadmill or the spin bike don’t allow you to engage as many upper body muscles like the elliptical and engaging your core muscles will help get an effective workout and burn a few extra calories.

You’re Stuck

Well, not literally to the machine but have you been doing the same workout for over a month now? Then it’s very likely that by now you’ve hit a plateau. To break the rut, it’s time to make a change. You can either add to the difficulty by increasing resistance or the incline.

You can also switch a completely different workout like interval training. Making these changes will help you increase calorie burning and in turn lose weight faster.

Elliptical Trainer Machine 2

The machine sounds weird

Does your machine make weird noises during your workout? If yes and you’ve already checked the machine for any loose parts or nuts, then the fault may with your workout. Working out at a fast pace while keeping resistance too low is often the reason for such noises.

Set the resistance to a level where you are forced to use your lower and upper body muscles as it will help you boost your heart rate and in turn your cardio health.

You’re the ‘elliptical’ guy

Do you enter the gym and straight hop onto the elliptical? Well, then you’re likely the ‘elliptical’ guy at the gym. While an elliptical is a great cardio machine to make your workouts effective and your body stronger you’ve got to strength train as well.

It’s another great way to avoid a plateau and continue to develop muscles and optimize your gains.

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